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Faux finishes add warmth and depth to a room. These finishes take an otherwise flat, solid wall and give it movement and vitality. Faux finishes cover a wide spectrum of techniques such as glazing, rag rolling, colorwash, stripes, gradiation, sponging, antiquing and stippling. All faux finishes can be customized to meet your needs. The colors and techniques can be created to specification. Faux finishes can be further enhanced with the use of stenciling and free hand painting additional shadows and shading can create more intensity. These designs can be embellished further with the use of crystals, beads and 3D raised stencils. Faux finishes can enhance your environment and the colors of technical choices are greatly varied. A popular choice in faux finishes is metallics which can add a subtle shimmer to the walls.

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Faux Finish – Bedrooms


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